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NSA Dating: Top 8 Things To Say To A Man

No Strings Dating Advice

When it comes to no strings dating, if couples are in a NSA relationship, they generally have one focus…having sex. NSA Contacts

This is a relationship that is not traditional and in most cases, partners will meet for sex and only sex, nothing more.

Most of the time, when in a relationship considered NSA, the relationship will be relatively short, over in a matter of months, but sometimes they can last longer and even more friendly.

In order to keep this type of relationship exciting and fun, however, both people will need to make sure that they are pleasing their partner as well as themselves.

Because of this, if you are a woman who is in a no strings dating relationship, you might be interested in knowing what men want to hear in the bedroom.

Here are 8 different things men want to hear that can make sex better for both of you:

1 – He Wants to Know You Like It

In a NSA relationship, remember, it’s about both of you equally.

When you are having sex with your sex partner, he definitely will want to know that you enjoy the sex as much as he is.

Because of this, you should verbalise your approval and tell him that you are enjoying it.

2 – He Wants Some Direction

If you don’t enjoy the sex, he will want to know this as well. In this instance, it is important that you give him direction.

Men don’t know a woman’s body, in most cases, as much as they think they do, but giving him direction can be a great way to make it better for both of you.

3 – He Wants You to Talk Dirty

You will also find that men will want to hear his female NSA partner talking dirty.

This can be a little intimidating for some women, but if you keep going for it, before you know it, it will become easy.

4 – He Wants to Try Something Different

You also want to bring up the possibility of trying something new in bed.

This is an ideal relationship to talk about experimenting sexually, and you will generally find that you have a very eager partner who will want to get into this too.

5 – He Wants You to Want More

Additionally, when you are sleeping with a man in a no strings relationship, he will want to hear you ask for more when having sex.

This will show him that he is performing well, but there is still some work to do, and this will make him try even harder.

6 – He Wants You to Tell Him Your Fantasies

Most every man and woman will have sexual fantasies, and men are going to love hearing about yours, especially when in the bedroom.

You don’t have to act on them, but talking to them can not only turn him on, you might even get to experience your fantasy in person.

7 – He Wants to Hear His Name

You will also find that a man in a NSA relationship will want to hear you say his name.

Though you aren’t a committed relationship with this man, he will like to know that you are focused on him, not someone else, when having sex.

8  – He Wants to Be Complimented

Finally, you should make sure that you are complimenting his performance, even if it wasn’t outstanding.

When in an NSA relationship, you will find that there is always going to be a next time with him, and even if it wasn’t good, give him a compliment, then pointers.

He will be happy to hear it and the sex will only get better.