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Top 8 Things To Say to Men in the Bedroom

No Strings Dating

When couples are in a no strings attached, or NSA relationship, they generally have one focus…having sex. NSA Contacts

This is a relationship that is not traditional and in most cases, partners will meet for sex and only sex, nothing more.

Most of the time, when in a relationship considered NSA, the relationship will be relatively short, over in a matter of months, but sometimes they can last longer and even more friendly.

In order to keep this type of relationship exciting and fun, however, both people will need to make sure that they are pleasing their partner as well as themselves.

Because of this, if you are a woman who is in a no strings dating relationship, you might be interested in knowing what men want to hear in the bedroom. Here are eight different things men want to hear that can make sex better for both of you:

1 – He Wants to Know You Like It
In a NSA relationship, remember, it’s about both of you equally. When you are having sex with your sex partner, he definitely will want to know that you enjoy the sex as much as he is. Because of this, you should verbalise your approval and tell him that you are enjoying it. Continue reading